International Investment Arbitration

One of the most important areas in international arbitration is International Investment arbitration.  This is because bilateral investment treaties are now very common around the world.  For instance, Australia now has bilateral investment treaties with Argentina, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Hungary, India Indonesia, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uruguay and Vietnam.  These treaties provide basic protections and mechanisms for the resolution of disputes.


Vitally protection given by many bilateral investment treaties enables international arbitration in case of an investment dispute, rather than exposing foreign investors to litigation the host-State in its courts.  One other common standard is that foreign investments must be treated by the sponsor State no less favourably than the investments of its own nationals and businesses. Thus, foreign investors are given the same competitive opportunities as nationals and the host State cannot make any adverse distinction between national and foreign investors when enacting and applying its regulations.

We can provide representation in international arbitral disputes.