Construction Arbitration

The construction industry was one of the first to adopt arbitration as a method of dispute settlement and the arbitration of construction disputes is now considered a standard element of the suite of dispute settlement services available to the construction industry which includes adjudication, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Arbitration has a specific role to play in that it is a specific role to play in that it is a private, confidential form of dispute settlement which is binding on both of the parties and has low levels of formality in relation to procedure. These elements combined distinguish it from mediation and litigation.

Construction arbitrators are usually either lawyers or experts in construction or both. This is because it is necessary to understand the industry in which the arbitration is being conducted to effectively prepare an arbitral award in a manner that is likely to quell the dispute. Construction arbitrators are often engineers, surveyors or other types of construction professionals that can offer valuable expertise in the development of a resolution to a dispute which is not likely to result in appeals against the decision. If you have an inquiry about construction arbitration, please do not hesitate to contact us.